I believe we all possess talents. Not just any talents, but talents that, if they are fed and nurtured, can take us to the top of our mountain in life, both our personal and collective one. Consider that each of us conforms a part of a complex body. The body has a limitless capacity to evolve and progress towards The Ultimate Ideal. But that assumes that we work together towards the common mission we share. Because if not, the parts of the body working against its evolution and advancement towards The Ultimate Ideal jeopardise its continued march forwards. This website was set up for the sake of The Body, so that the author can attempt to give something back, however miserable, from the rich bounty that has been bestowed upon him by Life.

Wishing you light, peace, and fulfilment in this ephemeral existence we share in called “life” that never ceases to amaze.

With imperfect love from